Razer Destructor Mouse Pad

Unmundomaravilloso –┬áPeople invest a lot of money in setting up their games – a fast internet connection, a fast-response monitor, high-fidelity headsets, a gaming keyboard and a mouse – but they often overlook prosaic peripherals: the mouse pad. Sure, high-end gaming mice will work on your feet as well, but their performance will be lacking without a suitable surface. Razer, a company known for its gaming peripherals such as the Piranha headphones (which we have already tested), has introduced a new model of the Destructor mouse pad. He was our trusted brother in arms on the digital battlefields of recent weeks. Let’s go to our test. As soon as we opened the package, we had a promising start. Sorry, the package is such a walking word: Destructor is located inside a travel case with a zipper similar to a laptop. When you arrive at a LAN party with a sports case just for a mouse pad, everyone will eat your heart out. Our opponents will tremble with fear when they imagine what level you are playing.

The mouse pad is larger than the normal-sized model (you know, those with pictures, company logos, etc.), measures 14 x 10.2 x 0.1 inches, and doesn’t have a padded wrist rest (sold separately for their eXactMat model). The back of the Destructor is equipped with a rubber handle, which ensures that it does not slip even with the wildest hand movements. It will stand still, no matter what happens. After days of intense gameplay (and work after the entire site didn’t update itself), Destructor didn’t move an inch. The dark gray surface features a patented Razer Fractal smooth texture. Their tests ensure that it allows gaming laser mice to track up to 37% faster (and 25% faster for optical mice) than other gaming mouse surfaces. We’re not NASA, and the mouse pad isn’t a graphics card that we can use to mathematically measure its performance, so we did things the hard (and fun) way: We tested the destructor by playing nonstop.

We’ve already talked about the rubber back, which ensures that the mouse pad stays placed no matter how much you move the mouse. But what did it do in terms of our performance? Its size initially allowed enough room for maneuver and mouse. Both were held on a mouse pad, although we performed wild hand movements. The surface is smooth as an egg. It allows easy scrolling, but you can also stop firmly with the mouse. But since this is a very precise surface, we had to change our Logitech G9 sensitivity to compensate for the difference in reaction between the Destructor and our common mouse pad. While playing TeamFortress 2, we noticed an increase in performance when choosing a fast Scout class. The event was so intense and chaotic that we thanked Destructor for being there.

All we had – and smaller – was a rough finish to the edge of the mouse pad. When our hand got too close to the border, it scratched your fist. You should reserve a table room for the Destructor so that you can appreciate its size and move the mouse in its middle area, away from the edge. It was just a small problem that can be solved by having a good table space for a mouse pad or a wrist rest. In addition, we can give a thumbs up to the Destructor.

Source: https://www.driversrazer.com/